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FrontierCurrently we only offer the homes you see on our website. We do not build custom homes. If you are looking for a multi-family project, we can customize our homes for your specific project. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Inspections for our homes are no different from any home you buy. After your home is assembled onsite, local building department inspector performs the inspections.

Yes. Our homes are 80% more sustainable/green, than the standard site-built homes. Our homes are energy efficient and their maintenance requires less energy and natural resources.

Shipment cost will depend on the home you choose.

I want to save money. Can I just buy a shell?

Yes. However, since a LEED certification calls for additional inspections, testing, and planning, a LEED-certified home will cost about 10% more.


We are not general contractors. We only sell the kit homes. You will need to find a certified local contractor. We will ship the prefab kit home or modular unit and provide all the plans, documents, and engineering needed for the onsite construction. The assembly of our kit home and all onsite work will have to be done by a local contractor that you will find in your area.


About 12-18 weeks after we get the deposit.


Yes. We currently have them in Pennsylvania.


We offer discounts to individuals purchasing multiple homes.


Yes. Please email to discuss your specific plans.


We offer a full manufacturer warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


Just as any site-built home, your home will last good 50+ years.


We can pre-wire the home for future solar power, but the final installation is done onsite by a local contractor.


The first step is to give us a call or send us an email. Once we determine the design criteria in the area you live, and once get your initial deposit, we will start engineering your specific plans.

We prefer to sell to a general contractor, however, we can sell direct to any homeowner who has enough experience building a home or can get help from someone with construction experience and we cannot refer a contractor in your area.

No. It is your responsibility as a buyer to find your own general contractor or act as the owner-builder.

Yes, only if you are purchasing 10 homes or more.

Yes. All interior wall panels are pre-built and are included in the home kit. They are framed panels only. No drywall is installed.


It depends on the size of your home, but most can be assembled in less than a week.


No. Your general contractor would have to build the subfloor before the home kit arrives. Our 2-level homes do include the 2nd level floor system.


It is unlikely, but if it happens, we would replace them.


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