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Our architects, engineers and interior designers use our breaking products to design the right plan for home.

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We build using the lasted innovation in technology. Our homes are built faster, better and more affordable.

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108 Gaskin Drive Lords valley PA

Wonder how we keep the price so low?

1. Supply Chain

Our products are manufactured in Europe and Asia in a safe indoor environment. We ensure that everything is engineered and build to exceed US construction code standards

2. Logistics

From shipment to delivery we thoroughly thought though every step of the process. It takes only one container to deliver 2000 sq foot house

3. On-Site Work

Since most of the work has been done off-site installation of the home is significantly reduced in time. This creates a major savings in our labor budget

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How we Build…

Intelligent Home

Smart Home and Internet of things are already at our doorsteps whether we want it or not. We are certain that within the next decade 80% of homes in the US will have at least one of them. We are proud to say that we are at the forefront of this innovation. We tested hundreds of products prior to implementing them in our designs. We work with you to identify which solution will work best. Our goal is to make your life simpler for you to focus on what really matters.

Energy Efficiency

Our home are typically 60% – 70% more energy efficient that your regular home. When we combine energy efficient products with solar panels and Energy Star appliances this results in a home that uses as much electricity that it produces. When this is achieved in most states you can receive up to a 25% discount on your property taxes. Conclusion you do not have electric bills and you save on you taxes.


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Our contruction technique has changed the construction industry forever. Are you with us?

  • Higher Quality
  • Factory Controlled Manufacturing Environment
  • Faster Assembly Time
  • ECO Friendly House

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Who benefits from our products

Our mission is to ensure that everyone can take advantage of our homes. There is plenty of properties in the US that is ready for development. Our vision is to create a better living for everyone and also make a few dollars doing so. We are here to stay and we going BIG. We need everyone in the industry to take to come together and help us achieve our vision. Are you ready to join the revolution?


Our products are built to the highest standards and are extremely easy to work with. As a matter fact most people do not even need prior construction experience. Whether you are just starting up or have decades of experience we can show you a better and more effecient way to build. We provide you with free training and resources that will help you  succeed.


We are here to ensure that everyone in the business makes money. Whether you are starting up or already an experienced real-estate investor looking to flip or rent a home, let us show you how we can increase your profits. If you own a vacent lot or looking to purchase one we encourage you to consult with us prior to making your next moves.

Home Owners

It is the American Dream to own a home. We are your one stop shop to your future home. Whether you are handy man looking for better ways to build or want true turn-key solution we find the right path for you. Our homes are healthier to live in reduce your expanses. We simply took a complex money hungry industry and made it simple and affordable.

About us

Long story short, we are a modern construction company that is revolutionizing the way homes are being built today. We design and engineer homes using advanced penalization technology. Then we manufacture the panels in a controlled factory environment. This significantly decreases the time spent building on-site, which means less money spent on labor and more money spent on the actual quality of your home.

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